Playing to the mission

A really helpful tip I hear from great competitive players, is to make sure to “play to the mission.” Indeed, this is one of those foundational pieces of advice. Self-reflecting on my own experiences playing competitive games, I notice that sometimes, for whatever reason, I actually find it difficult to play to the mission, despite knowing the importance of this tactic. The purpose of this post is to explore a hypothetical reason as to why one may find playing to the mission difficult. In my exploration of this, I draw from the work Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist who received a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. In particular, I am drawing from his work on cognitive biases, that he summarizes in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. To be sure, some of us may not find playing to the mission difficult at all! Also, for those of us who sometimes struggle to play to the mission, there are likely many reasons, that vary across individuals, as to why this difficulty arises. The purpose here in this reflection is to have some fun thinking about one possible such reason.

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