Miniature Ethos was founded by me, Andrew Valdespino. I have wanted for a while to engage the Warhammer community in some capacity, in addition to my everyday hobby engagement. Given my interest in psychology (I am a psychologist), I thought it would be an interesting journey to make a website dedicated to the psychology of the broad Warhammer hobby. Given my own current engagement in Warhammer 40k, I will be exploring that particular game system. I anticipate though that much of this content will apply to other systems also.

What do I mean by Warhammer psychology?

One thing I find fascinating about this wonderful hobby, is that there are many aspects to it, including learning the game, building and painting the miniatures, as well as both narrative and competitive play. I have enjoyed listening to and learning from other hobbyists about how they engage the hobby (i.e., what excites them, what motivates them to continue growing as a miniature gamer).

Something I find interesting, are the many tasks and mindsets that gamers grapple with, depending on the aspects of the hobby they enjoy. As an example, in the context of building and painting miniatures, I really enjoy hearing about how individuals motivate themselves to paint and maintain progress. With regards to competitive play, as someone who attends tournaments, I find the variety in individual competitive styles fascinating. As someone who also enjoys narrative play, there are a host of considerations, such as why individuals identify with their particular chosen factions.

The purpose of Miniature Ethos then, is to explore these many interesting psychological aspects of the hobby, across all of its dimensions. I will be focusing on how individuals learn the game, the world of building and painting, as well as narrative and competitive play. I hope to hear from individuals across these domains, to unearth the neat thoughts, motivations, and strategies people have, that are specific to how they explore the hobby. I will be posting my own thoughts, and I also hope to interview individuals about what makes them excited, as well as what they struggle with, and how they overcome those struggles.

The Progression, Hobby, Narrative, and Competitive tabs each include content pertaining to those domains specifically. You will also notice a Projects tab. For this, I hope to run projects at various times, that are guided by the website community. Specifically, the projects will grow from ideas the community has, that specifically get them excited about completing certain goals. For example, at one time it might be a project to help individuals participating move forward with their painting goals. At another time, it might be a narrative or competitive project, with the intention of getting those involved excited about making progress towards their narrative or competitive hobby goals.

Thank you for visiting Miniature Ethos!

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