Hobby values

I wanted to share an exercise I think is neat, and can be helpful in orienting one’s current hobby actions to align with their hobby values. This exercise is an adaptation of Kelly Wilson’s, a psychologist at the University of Mississippi, and can be referred to has a hobby values exercise. I feel that Warhammer 40k is a wonderful fit for this exercise.

The goal is to make a simple table (example below). Please note that on some phones you might have to rotate the phone to landscape view, to see the whole table. I conducted this exercise on myself for this post, and the results of the exercise are in the table below. The function of the exercise is to prioritize what you want to focus your hobby time on, by comparing how much you value certain hobby domains, with the degree to which you feel you are pursuing those values currently. Here are some instructions for completing the table.

As a time frame, think about your actions over the past month specifically. For the domains you choose to include (I chose narrative, competitive, hobby, playing games, and codex review) briefly describe under Hobby, what the domain refers to in your case. Then, under Importance, rate the importance of this value to you, on a scale of 0 (low importance) to 10 (high importance). Subsequently, under Current pursuit, rate the degree to which you have been living consistently with this value on a scale of 0 (not at all successfully) to 10 (very successfully). Then, under Discrepancy, compute the discrepancy analysis, which is simply Importance minus Current pursuit. Finally, based on your ranking, prioritize what you want to focus on right now in the Focus on now column. For my ranking, I chose to rank based on the size of the discrepancy.

Value-action analysis

Hobby areaBrief summaryImportanceCurrent pursuitDiscrepancyFocus on now
NarrativeExploring faction lore63-3Fourth priority
CompetitivePlaying competitive games102-8First priority
HobbyPainting models already owned76-1Fifth priority
Playing gamesRegular weekly game82-6Second priority
Codex reviewStudying codexes that I own73-4Third priority

As you will notice in my case, there were discrepancies across all the domains! The size of the discrepancies will help me adjust my future actions to be more consistent with my hobby values. Note that an upshot of this exercise is that just because you value something, does not necessarily mean you want to increase your focus on it. That is, your self-analysis might reveal that you are already engaging the hobby consistently with that value. In my case, my discrepancy was -8 on playing competitive games, which is a signal to myself that I want to do more of that! And indeed, just because something is low on your priority, does not mean you do not want to do more of it. As you can see with my self-analysis, I value narrative more than I am pursuing it currently. And so, while I might place a slightly heavier weight on competitive, I do want to pursue narrative more. Also, while my hobby time is the lowest priority, this does not mean (in my self-analysis) that I do not value it. It just means that currently I do value it, and I feel I am living (almost) in accordance with that value!

As many might relate to, it turns out that I want to do more of everything. At least though, this helped me organize my actions to be adjusted to my hobby values!

Happy valued hobbying!

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2 Responses to Hobby values

  1. Yanni says:

    Very interesting. I tried my hand at it, and assuming I did it right I only ended up with negative discrepancies in competitive and hobby… Which kind of makes sense I think as I definitely fall behind on my painting and modelling on the regular.

    • Andrew says:

      Very cool! Great to hear you do not have negative discrepancies throughout. Something to aspire to, and something I will try to focus on myself (i.e., closing those discrepancies)!